Match List

Greetings. I periodically am available for consulting and co-founding or advising to emerging teams.

I primarily focus on:

A) specifying and building out a pathway to implement goals/requests, for a certain budget, inside a certain timeframe

B) building teams

C) scoping / wireframing / implementation / MVP creation

D) database architecture, content type creation, development of pilot projects

I am most interested in connecting with you if your project has at least 12 of the following:

+ A) You are seeking a female co-founder, advisor, or teammate
+ B) Serves/supports women, children, families, students
+ C) Serves/supports underrepresented minorities
+ D) Eco-conscious, eco-friendly, environmentally-helpful, organic, sustainable, fair trade
+ E) Focuses on sharing knowledge or sharing stories
+ F) You have a demonstrated commitment to the project (skin)
+ G) Education-related / helps people learn
+ H) Related to: open communication, transparency, sharing information, knowledge transfer
+ I) Makes a positive social difference
+ J) Team is super-passionate about the project – will do what it takes
+ K) Focused on your idea – you have thought about most of the angles
+ L) Communication, communication, communication
+ M) Honest, no time for lies or dissembling
+ N) Transparent – nothing to hide
+ O) Seeks the greater good
+ P) Desires to make a tangible difference through your product or offering
+ Q) You understand your marketplace
+ R) You have done market research
+ S) You have built a pipeline of clients or customers / you have existing clients or customers
+ T) You have a well-thought-out business plan
+ U) Have functional specifications written out, or some idea of them

I have been building websites since 1999 and have an array of experiences in creating functional specifications, rapid prototyping, launching MVPs, community management, product management, sales & marketing, content editing, and overall strategy.

I am interested in a challenge. I am interested in something which disrupts / makes an industry more efficient / provides more information to more people. I am interested in expanding my tech skills especially in relation to underserved/underrepresented populations (the “next billion”), global opportunities, diverse populations, and those serving the elderly/Boomers.

I’m interested in continuous personal development and learning, and I feel like I’ve been exposed to enough challenges, obstacles, and issues that I am flexible in dealing with adversity.

Life is short, let’s make the most of our time here!