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Match List

I primarily focus on:

A) specifying and building out a pathway to implement goals/requests, for a certain budget, inside a certain timeframe

B) building teams

C) scoping / wireframing / implementation / MVP creation

D) database architecture, content type creation, development of pilot projects

I am most interested in connecting with you if your project has at least 10 of the following:

+ A) You are seeking a female co-founder, advisor, or teammate
+ B) Serves/supports women, children, families, students
+ C) Serves/supports underrepresented minorities
+ D) Eco-conscious, eco-friendly, environmentally-helpful, organic, sustainable, fair trade
+ E) Focuses on sharing knowledge or sharing stories
+ F) You have a demonstrated commitment to the project (skin)
+ G) Education-related / helps people learn
+ H) Related to: open communication, transparency, sharing information, knowledge transfer
+ I) Makes a positive social difference
+ J) Team is super-passionate about the project – will do what it takes
+ K) Focused on your idea – you have thought about most of the angles
+ L) Communication, communication, communication
+ M) Honest, no time for lies or dissembling
+ N) Transparent – nothing to hide
+ O) Seeks the greater good
+ P) Desires to make a tangible difference through your product or offering
+ Q) You understand your marketplace / have done market research / built a list of clients or customers / have existing clients or customers
+ R) Have a business plan
+ S) Have functional specifications written out, or some idea of them

I have been building websites since 1999 and have an array of experiences in creating functional specifications, rapid prototyping, launching MVPs, community management, product management, sales & marketing, content editing, and overall strategy.

I am interested in a challenge. I am interested in something which disrupts / makes an industry more efficient / provides more information to more people. I am interested in expanding my tech skills especially in relation to underserved/underrepresented populations (the “next billion”), global opportunities, diverse populations, and those serving the elderly/Boomers.

I’m interested in continuous personal development and learning, and I feel like I’ve been exposed to enough challenges, obstacles, and issues that I am flexible in dealing with adversity.

Life is short, let’s make the most of our time here!


Setting up a new container

Starting up a new community – I invite you to join me.

One of the ways in which I’ve learned how to accomplish more is to set up all the conditions just right so that whatever it is I’m working toward will go smoother and easier. For example, if I want a new publication, I set up a new document to contain my notes. If I want to build a new project, I set up a folder for it. If I want a new community to get started, I build the guidelines and values into the opening statement.

I’m pleased to start off a new community for people interested in #makingapositivedifference. It’s important for me to truly identify my life’s purpose and my mission, vision, and values, as well as surround myself with others who are on a similar journey.

I hope you’ll join me at – it’s in development right now and I plan to open it up to beta testers in late October. It’s a positive and inspiring community of other doers and dreamers who are making a positive difference in the world.

Bookmark here: to sign up for updates for when it launches.